Latest Announcements/Coronavirus

Update – Gilbrook will continue to remain open

As I previously mentioned in the last homepage update, Gilbrook will continue to remain open to the most vulnerable pupils and pupils whose parents and carers are key workers. As you are aware the Secretary of State for education has asked that pupils only attend school if it is critical to the country’s COVID-19 response. This means that Gilbrook will remain open for these pupils; as a school we have contacted the parents and carers of those pupils that should attend. All other pupils are safer at home and must not attend school for any reason. However as a school we will do our best to continue to support you and your child until the current crisis is over.

Accessing Free School Meals:

We are still investigating how we can support families with pupils who are entitled to free school meals that cannot attend school. We will contact parents and carers directly as soon as we have a resolution. In the meantime we are working with the Neo-Café to deliver food hampers to the homes of all pupils who receive free school meals.

How you can contact school:

You can continue to contact school as normal on – 0151 522 3900 or by the email below.


If for some reason that you cannot contact the school office you can use the numbers below in an emergency:

  • Kirsten Brown – (Head/Designated Safeguarding Lead) – 07867 906316
  • Diane Clark (Deputy Headteacher) – 07795 497151
  • Sarah Long (Assistant Head/SENCO/Designated Safeguarding LEAD) – 07711 815399

How to contact teachers for advice and guidance should the school be closed:

You can contact school on the email below in the event of a school closure.


If pupils, parents or carers need to contact teachers for help and support with the work that has been provided, they can reach them via the school office or alternatively via the emails below:








Additionally, we will take every opportunity to maintain regular contact with you throughout the current crisis. In the meantime, please accept our very best wishes for the coming weeks and months. Look after yourselves and those close to you. Please follow the social distancing guidelines from Government and help us all to emerge from this unprecedented situation safely and in good health.

Mr S Baker
Executive Headteacher

 Other useful contact details and links that you may need in the event of a school closure: