Science at Gilbrook follows the national curriculum. We use Cornerstones as an imaginative learning project and throughout the projects science is covered in an interesting and imaginative way. Teachers are able to adapt the science curriculum to suit the very different needs of the individual children in their class.

Teachers are able to use the Cornerstones curriculum to engage and promote children’s learning. Activities are based on first hand experiences that encourage investigative experiments, exploration, observation, problem solving, prediction, critical thinking, decision making and discussion.

The children are able to use appropriate methods of recording information such as diagrams, writing photographs and drawings.

Both the indoor and outdoor environment is used to help maximise the children’s learning opportunities and experiences.

Assessment takes the form of teacher and staff led discussions using observations and photographs. The work is done in the children’s topic books. The work is moderated and progress is recorded using target tracker.

Any gaps within the curriculum have been addressed through a gap analysis and the intention is to use one day a term to focus on various aspects of the science curriculum to ensure coverage and to reinforce quality learning and ensure their statutory entitlement is met.