Our school creatively and imaginatively harnesses the potential of ICT in teaching and learning across the school.

ICT/Computing comprises a set of concepts and skills for using and communicating information and developing programming and computer science skills.

Information and Communication Technology includes, but is not limited to, the use of:

Audio and video recorders, CD and DVD writers and players, Telephones, mobile phones, faxes, Digital still and movie cameras, scanners,  Electronic musical instruments ,Computers, laptops,     tablet devices, smart phones, ipods, Programmable toys and control kits e.g. Bee Bot , Talking Dice, The internet, including social networking, Interactive whiteboards and similar interactive, presentation technologies and Software.


ICT helps students take greater responsibility for their own learning, plan and organise their ideas, and produce and present work of a high standard. It also enhances opportunities for creativity.

In particular, ICT offers students with learning difficulties opportunities to:

  • Work with increasing independence in communication, language and literacy
  • Work on skills across the curriculum with increased confidence and understanding
  • Develop and enhance their work in all areas of the curriculum
  • Work on joint projects with others
  • Present work of a high standard
  • Access a wide range of ideas, information and cultures.

  In response to these opportunities, pupils can make progress in ICT by:

  •  Experiencing the results of personal actions.
  •  Applying technological knowledge and understanding to everyday life.
  •  Investigating the familiar and the broader technological environment.


The school utilises Cornerstones Curriculum. The ICT coordinator ensures that the scheme of work for ICT supports Cornerstones’ cross- curricular learning approach, maximising the potential for positive use of ICT in teaching and learning across the school and the curriculum